Shutting Down A Satellite Office: What You Need To Do Next

Many companies have satellite offices in different cities. Sometimes these satellite offices do not work out because of their locations. Then the office, as well as all of its employees, have to be relocated. If that is the case with your office, and your branch of the company, here is what to do next:

Give the Employees Their Moving Papers

All of the employees should be put on notice of the closing of the office. Then ask employees whether or not they are willing to relocate for their jobs. If they are, give them their moving papers and the name of the moving company that your company is going to use to move everyone and everything.

Schedule the Move-out Date

The moving company needs to know when the office intends to close, as well as when everything in the office needs to be moved. Talk to your superiors to see what that final exit date is, and then schedule your moving days for a few days to a week before that. That will give the moving company enough time to come in, pack all of the stuff up, and put it on a couple of trucks for the new location. An office cleaning crew will have to clean the office building from top to bottom (if the entire building belonged to your company). Then the doors can be locked for good.

Make Sure All Employees Who Are Relocating Have Already Done So

The employees that are relocating with the office and the company should have already made their own appointments with the moving company and moved. They need to be ready to start work in the new city within two weeks of the old office building closing and locking up. Since your company is paying for the moving fees, it should be easy to check on these employees to make sure they have relocated.

Clean the New Building and Set up Shop

If the new building is an old building, it should be thoroughly cleaned before an organization crew sets everything up. If it is a brand-new building, then you just need your IT team to help set up. Your IT department needs to be present from day one in the new building so that the entire network of computers are ready to go. An outside organization crew or an office cubicle installation business has to come in and make sure all of the cubicles, desks, and chairs are where they need to be. Now your relocated office and your relocated employees can start working again.

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