Moving Your Medical Office? 6 Tips To Get You Started

If your medical clinic will be moving to a new location, you have quite a feat to accomplish. Moving, whether it's across town or just down the hall, is a difficult process for any business. When you consider medical files and equipment, a move can be even more difficult of a task.

Do you want to make your move as simple as possible? These tips will help you stay focused on your commercial relocation:

1. Remember that you are moving confidential information.

From social security numbers to credit card information, your records could be a gateway for identity thieves. Data can be breached easily when you are moving, so it is essential that you take great precautions with storage and security options.

2. Delegate tasks accordingly.

Ensure that everybody on the team knows their part in the move. Assign positions early on and stick to them as best as possible to make sure that everybody knows what to expect.

3. Minimize your office's downtime.

You likely have patients you want to get back to working with, so it is important that you work with the idea of getting back to business quickly. It is also important that you relay this information to the companies you work with.

4. Inform your clients, suppliers, payers, and other business about the move.

Every medical office needs to notify businesses and individuals in advance of a move. Make sure everybody, from your payroll company to your waste disposal service, needs to know where your new office is located.

You may find that you need to use multiple methods to reach all your clients. You can hang up signs in the office, send out emails, leave voicemails, and notifications via mail. Just make sure that nobody arrives at the wrong office for an appointment.

5. Keep employee spirits up.

Positivity is a major component in the success of a move, especially because it is so easy for employees to lose morale during a transitional stage. You can improve company morale by making moving as pleasant as possible, like by providing meals for those who assist in the move. It is also a good idea to ensure that all employees are clear on why the move is important.

6. Partner with a professional commercial relocation service.

The company you choose to move your medical office will play a significant role in how well you pull off the move. Make sure to choose wisely by reading reviews and asking plenty of questions.

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