Essential Moving Supplies: What You Need To Pack Before A Move

When planning for a move, you'll probably take the time to stock up on boxes, tissue paper, and packing tape. However, there are many other supplies that can help you get your items packed neatly for your move. Here are some essential items you might not have thought of, but that can help you successfully prep for moving day.

Foam Pouches

Foam pouches can be used for a wide range of items, including dishes, picture frames, antiques, and small pieces of wall art. These pouches feature one open end you can use to simply slide your items in. Convenient flaps let you seal each one closed with tape, and some include self-adhesive strips for added convenience. Purchase these pouches in a variety of sizes to use for packing items in every room of your home.

Mattress Covers

While your mattresses aren't exactly fragile, they do need to be moved with care. The fabric can become torn or stained during your move, and to prevent this, you can purchase move-friendly mattress covers. These covers are typically constructed from heavy-duty plastic, and they slip over each mattress for hassle-free packing. Look for covers that are reusable so you can pack them away after your move until they are needed again.

Glass Dividers

You can purchase boxes designed to hold glassware, but you can also convert your existing plain moving boxes into glassware boxes with the help of glass divider kits, These kits feature pieces of cardboard that are pre-scored so they can be stacked in your boxes to create compartments. The compartments can be used to pack away wine glasses, tumblers, rocks glasses, and any other fragile items of similar shapes.

Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap has a number of applications for moving. You can use it to wrap dressers and chests of drawers so the drawers stay securely in place. This option lets you keep your clothes tucked away inside instead of being packed into boxes, so you can simply unwrap them once they are in place at your new home. Stretch wrap can also be used to wrap upholstered furniture to protect it from tears and scratches or to bundle groups of smaller boxes together for easy moving.

Make a list of the packing materials you already have at home, and then create a shopping list for the supplies you need. Check with your moving company to see if you can purchase these supplies directly from them for a discount as part of your moving package.

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