Moving Tips For Downsizing To A Smaller Home

Whether you are looking to lower your monthly cost of living or you've simply decided your current home is too big for your needs, downsizing to a smaller home may be the solution you need. However, transitioning to a smaller home presents a few challenges when it comes to planning your move. Here are a few tips you can use to make your move go smoothly, even if you have less space to work with.

Declutter First

Chances are, you'll need to get rid of some items before you move to your new home, as you may not have room for everything. Identify what you want to donate, sell, or throw away before you begin packing. This will help to ensure you are only packing what you need, which also means you won't be unpacking items in your new home that you no longer want.

Measure For Furniture

It's also possible that you won't be able to use all of your existing furnishings in your new home. Measure the items you currently have and compare them to the floor plan for your new home. You may find that you need a smaller sofa or a smaller bed to work in your new home. Arrange to have any new furniture you need delivered to your new home in the days before you move, and consider enlisting your moving company to assemble any items that need to be put together. You won't have to pay to have the moving company handle as much heavy lifting, and you won't have to worry about where to put your large furniture if you plan in advance.

Consider A Storage Unit

A storage can provide the additional space you need for items that won't fit in your home. You can arrange to rent a portable storage unit, which is brought to your home so you can fill it. The moving company then transports the entire storage unit back to the storage facility, where your items will wait until you are ready to retrieve them. You can also opt for a traditional storage unit and have your moving company transport all of your boxes and furnishings for you. Be sure to ask if your moving company has its own storage facility, as you may be able to save money by renting and moving all with the same company.

Be sure to begin planning well in advance of your move so you have plenty of time to decide what you want to get rid of and replace any furnishings that you no longer have room for in your new home. Contact a moving company, like Fairfax  Transfer and Storage Inc., for help.

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