4 Tips For Planning The Right Time For Office Relocation

Office relocation is definitely exciting if you are doing so in order to expand your business or to make many necessary changes to the way that your business operates. However, the task can be quite challenging and stressful because you want to be sure that it works for you and your employees. This means you need to plan the relocation for the right time. Here are four tips for doing that:

  1. Move During the Week: Moving during a weekday instead of during the weekend is a great way to get your employees on board. Since more employees will be available to help the move during this time, they will be more willing to be there to move the process along quickly. The more you get employees involved, the more excited they will be about the relocation as well. 
  2. Move in the Middle of the Month: Relocating in the middle of the month is often the best option for businesses because businesses are usually less busy during this time. This will take off some of the stress for yourself and your employees because projects will be able to be put on hold without worrying about it getting done by the end of the month. You also want to ensure that employees are focused on new tasks in the beginning of the month instead of stressing about a relocation.
  3. Try to Move Within Normal Business Hours: There are some office buildings that don't allow businesses to move within normal business hours. The problem with this is that you have to plan to begin the moving outside of your normal working hours, which can also be a problem when trying to have employees there to help with the move as well. Check with the building manager for specific rules and try to move during business hours if possible. 
  4. Don't Move in the Summer: Most likely, many of your employees have children and moving during the summer can be a problem when getting your employees involved in the moving process. This is because many of your employees are going to want to go on vacation with the kids during this time. On top of this, moving in the summer is popular, which can make it difficult to find moving trucks and movers for a reasonable price. 

When you consider these four tips for planning your time to relocate your business, you can be sure that you do it in a way that works for you and your employees. This way, the relocation process can be exciting instead of overwhelming.

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